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Welcome to EnRep3D!

EnRep3D is the abbreviation of “Energy Represented in 3D-graphs”.
It’s all about energy!

Latest from the Blog

Sources for electricity and heat in Europe, Africa and the USA

The previous post showed a 3D-graph with only one “building” in it. Although it allowed us to look at the ratios fossil/nuclear fossil/renewable (with the disputed biofuels shown as a green roof) and so on, it was a bit boring. That’s why I wanted to add two additional large areas. Of course the USA is…

Electricity from renewables in Europe

We know that nearly all renewable energy is related to electricity. We also know that electricity is only about a quarter of the Total Final Consumption (TFC) of energy (and even a smaller part of the Total Energy Supply (TES), because of the losses). However, let’s be positive this time: the trend is towards electrification,…

Production, Import and Export X – Norway

This is the final post for the series on production, import and export of energy in European countries. Norway is not part of the EU, but really interesting when looking at energy! Perhaps there is no need to tell anything first. I will just show the 3D-graph and comment after that. What do we see?…

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